Meet Moda

Moda Beverage was founded in May 2017 by partners Scott Carroll, Becky Loeb, and Steve Loeb, in Seattle, Washington.

The genesis of the company was the founder's idea that a small, boutique/niche style wine and spirits distribution business would thrive in the Seattle area, especially because of the wealth of high-quality niche products that need a high-quality, customer-focused company for efficient and effective distribution. All partners have had significant work experience in the industry.

Our mission statement is ever-evolving, but our reason for being is obvious: to be an exceptional sales, marketing, distribution, and service company. We want to earn the respect of consumers, as well as the respect of dedicated retailers and restauranteurs who feature our selection of products from the very finest vintners, manufacturers, and importers.

Moda distributes wine and spirits throughout Western Washington with a current emphasis on metro King County. Our book of fine wines includes notable products from storied wine-making regions in Washington, Oregon, California, Austria, Argentina, France, Germany, and Italy. Our joint venture with Pacific Edge Wine and Spirits enables us to significantly expand offerings of unique and specialty spirits from around the world.

Our Team

Becky Loeb

Scott Carroll

Steve Loeb


Moda is a dynamic, fast-growing, striving small company, and we are looking for like-minded and dedicated employees. To find out more about the Moda team, job openings, and related opportunities, contact Scott Carroll -

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